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Cindy Nolte is a high-energy, dynamic speaker who engages her audiences with over twenty years of experience in the public speaking arena. Her speeches come from the heart because she has true passion for what she speaks about … and it shows.

Cindy’s Motto: 

Successful people will move forward despite the threat of failure because the threat of not living up to their potential is more uncomfortable to them than the possibility of failure itself.

Cindy’s lectures can vary in time depending on your schedule or the needs of your group.

Cindy’s Speaking Options:

Self Awareness~

Finding Peace in an Out of Control World ®:Front Cover

We can’t change the world around us, but we can change our reactions. This lecture guides the audience through a journey that will change the way you look at your life.

Clients, students, and even friends continually asked me how I always seemed to be at peace regardless of what was going on in my life. It was second nature to me, but I knew that wasn’t the case for most people. Contemplating how I came across this natural reaction, I was motivated to write my bestselling book Finding Peace in an Out of Control World.

God has a sense of humor. Five months after my book was published, my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer and I was tested to see if I would continue to apply the principles in my book to my own life. It was through my ability to remain present, my faith and laughter that I was able to embrace life through that trying time and keep my peace. Invite me to speak to your organization about embracing life regardless of obstacles you may face, keeping your peace, and finding your greatness.

Based on my Amazon #1 best-selling book, Finding Peace in an Out of Control World: A How-to Book on Being at Peace Regardless of What Life Throws Your Way, this is a series of interactive workshops with exercises to take participants on a journey to reacquaint them with who they are and ultimately find peace in what can feel like an out of control world.

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Creating an Organizational Culture Based on Mindfulness:

This lecture connects corporate culture to mindfulness to enhance the productivity and morale of employees. Reports suggest that employees who take part in a mindfulness-based program are happier and healthier. Allow me to apply my 20+ years of training and development and 15+ years of experience in mindfulness to assist you in creating an organizational culture based on mindfulness.

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Stress Management~

Meditation Made Simple ®:

This lecture cuts through the myths about how you “must” meditate and gets to the bottom of you connecting to your spirit.

Participants will leave having experienced what it feels like to meditate with tips to start their own practice at home.

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Stress & Time Management:

This is an interactive lecture that provides the tools that cut through every day difficulties and teaches people how to manage their time and stress more effectively.

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Please also see: Finding Peace in an Out of Control World ®:

Mindfulness Meets Management~

Maximizing Your Management with the Law of Attraction ®:

This interactive lecture combines traditional management practices with the theory of the Law of Attraction.  Managers will learn what the theory is and how they can use it to enhance their life and their department.  Attendees will leave with real tools to apply immediately to get the results that your organization is looking for.

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Developing Dynamic Presentations:

This is a how-to for training professionals and those who aspire to be public speakers. Participants will be taught the process of creating a dynamic lecture, how to control the room, and keep their audience engaged.

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A New Perspective~

 Law of Attraction:LOA[1]

An interactive lecture that defines law of attraction and provides you with real tools that you can apply to manifest your desires.

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Setting Your Sights on Success in Your Future ®: 

A How-to lecture on setting your sights on success and living the life you were destined to live. Participants will be challenged to think about what success means outside of material accumulation, encouraged to follow their passion and receive real-world advice from somebody bold enough to give it to them straight!

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For more information or to schedule a time for Cindy to give one of her uplifting lectures to your group or organization email sarah (at) 

Do you want a different topic, but you would love to have Cindy present it to your group?  No problem.  Just ask.  As an experienced trainer and certified teacher, she can develop a lecture to meet the needs of your group.


After attending the Law of Attraction seminar just one week, I was able to apply the information discussed into my life. I have never had the courage to speak up for myself, but the workshop showed me that by accepting unwanted behavior I was attracting more of the same. You changed my life!

Linda, New Jersey

I was hesitant to attend the “Understanding Your Partner on a Spiritual Level ®” lecture, but my wife asked me to come with an open mind. After attending, I see that we are so much more than our bodies. I truly enjoyed this experience!

JL, New Jersey