Meet Cindy Nolte

Cindy Nolte believes that a motivated and empowered team is the key to business success. That’s why we offer a range of corporate speaker and training services designed to help your team reach their full potential. From leadership development programs to team building workshops, we have the expertise to help your business thrive.

After being asked for years by her clients  how she always seemed to remain at peace regardless of what was happening around her, Cindy Nolte was motivated to write her #1 best-selling book, Finding Peace in an Out of Control World: A How-to Book on Being at Peace Regardless of What Life Throws Your Way.

She is a television talk show host, keynote speaker, TedX Speaker, consultant and the founder of Fresh Look on Life. While working in Corporate America in training & development, her desire for balance led her to explore complementary modalities. She is a certified hypnotist, past life regression hypnotist, pediatric hypnotist, hypnosis instructor, energy practitioner, teacher, mentor, intuitive, and group fitness instructor.

Facing health concerns of a loved one and other life disappointments, Cindy is no stranger to obstacles. It is her perspective that remaining present in tough times will lead us to the best possible solution to any obstacles we face and allow us to embrace life regardless of what we are going through.

Stressing balance as a key factor in wellness, Cindy also insists it is paramount in our effectiveness and productivity in the workplace. She combines her 20 years of experience in training and development with her background in mindfulness studies to offer a unique approach to solving today’s organizational obstacles.

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