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Meet Cindy Nolte

Cindy Nolte is a television talk show host, keynote speaker, consultant and she runs a private practice. Originally educated in training and development, she has a B.S. Degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing with graduate work in Elementary Education certifying her as a teacher. While working inRead the Rest…

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This is a very creative approach to dealing with everyday issues. The author uses a self-help process that is easy to understand and implement with exercises to build skills in dealing with the trials we all encounter. I was most taken by the easy conversational writing style that the author uses, a welcome change from the language found in so many books written by PhD's and "experts". I would highly recommend this book both as an interesting read and a book with some real practical advise. Finding Peace in an Out of Control World is a must for every self help library and Cynthia Nolte should be working on her next book which I would be the first on the waiting list. ~Chaucer