Listening to Your Inner Voice:

Gut feelings or hunches- we all have them, but when do we follow them to maximize results and when do we wait? Everyone knows somebody who has climbed up the corporate ladder in what seemed like an effortless way. He/ she took chances and those chances just seemed to work out.  What if I told you making budgets has little to do with good management skills and a lot to do with listening to your gut?  At least that is how it worked for me in my 20 years of sales management and training exceeding my budgets every quarter. This is an interactive lecture guiding the audience through a series of exercises that allows them to experience their own “inner voice”, discover their strengths, and learn what they can do to develop it.


Attendees will:

  • Discover what accurate intuition feels like.

  • Uncover how they receive intuition.

  • Gain tools to develop their intuition.

  • Learn how to balance common sense with following your guidance.


For more information on Cindy Nolte, to schedule her to speak at your organization, conduct leadership or executive training, or do consulting, email sarah(at)


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